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Re: Intel(r) Core™2 Duo Processors"

Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
On 10/13/06, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen gmail com> wrote:

I often have at least five programs open (Firefox, Kmail, amaroK,
Kopete, and F-Spot), and this 1.2 gHz AMD Duron machine, even with 1GB
of RAM, is dead-slow. Programs take forever to open, webpages take
forever to load.

I was recently thinking about upgrading to a cor duo, but decided not
to as my current p42.8 with a gig of ram is fast enough once things
are loaded.  I did some experiments and as far as I can tell the
loading speed is a disk IO issue, if I upgraded the cpu the disks will
still be the bottle neck.

Here at work I've got a two cpu system (each with hyperthreading
if that counts for anything) and I'd never go back to a one
cpu system. I run a database, multiple applications servers,
some 60 xterms, application compilations and, of course,
read the fedora list all at the same time
(or at least there are times when all are happening). With my
old, fast single cpu system, the screen would freeze for 10s of
seconds at a time.


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