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Re: Permissions

Johan Boshoff wrote:
Thanks Ronald, but I have never used the rpm command before and I do not
know exactly on which folders to apply them.  Do I have to do that on the
/var folder?  Eg  rpm -qa | xargs rpm --setugids /var?

no. just fire the commands without /var or so...

it's a short hand of rpm --setguids for example *sendmail*

rpm --setguids sendmail and
rpm --setperms sendmail sets all rights back to there original.
file- and directory rights, owner- and group memberships, etc.

if you want to do this for all packages installed an the system:
rpm -qa|wc -l gives you the number of installed packages !
hard job !!!

so we let the box do this:
rpm -qa queries all packages installed. this output gets at least piped to rpm --set....

rpm -qa outputs a bunch of packages, xargs handles this.

in short:
for each installed packages on the system the file/directory rights/owner/group membership, etc. will be set (back) to the original.

esp. bind and sendmail are two packages life or have parts under /var, so the command will fulfill your task: get back the correct rights.

maybe there will some files (!) last with your wrong permissions.
so restart the services or better a reboot should correct this part.

files inherits the permissions of there directories when they get written to this directory. esp. /var/log gets written at boot...

okay ?


teamwork is essential.
it allows to blame someone else...

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