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Re: fc5 - kino-8.0 Q?

Gene Heskett wrote:

Yes, I know, its considered "poor form" to answer ones own posts, but no
one else has, and I have a wee bit more data, and a more specific
question, see the PS: at the bottom. As I think it may be udev related, gregkh suse de added to Cc: line.

Greetings all;

I got curious because I'm needing to get a wedding vcd made, installed kino and as much of the support stuff as I could remember for importing from a Sony TRM-460 digital hi-8 movie camera. So far, so good, I'm watching video out of the camera in real time on the kino capture screen

I'm still missing the control functionality that works over the firewire cable, so I cannot start/stop/pause etc the camera. Kino, in its preferences, cannot find the controlling device as none are shown in the multiselector bar for that function. This did work on my FC2 box 18 months ago with kino-7.5.

Does anyone recall the name of that utility? ISTR it had some sort of an ieee number in its filename, but I don't recognize it in the smart display.

PS:  I believe this controling utility to be libavc1394, which is
installed.  Version libavc1394-0.5.1-2.2.

That leaves udev, as in its not automaticly creating the device, and
whose name I haven't the foggiest.

Is there a way to "force" the creation of the camera's control device by

Cheers, Gene

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