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Re: Intel(r) Core?2 Duo Processors"

On 13/10/06, John Wendel <john wendel metnet navy mil> wrote:
I wish I had a good answer for you, since it's something I'd also like
to know. I usually just look for busy processes with top or ps.

KDE has a performance tool (ksysguard) that is loaded with stuff (too
much stuff). I'm sure Gnome has something equivalent. The problem is
knowing what parts are interesting.

iostat, vmstat and sar are tools that might be useful, but the
learning curve is a little steep.

Maybe a performance guru on the list could jump in with some help.



Some of the interesting things in KSystemGuard are Apache2, SSHD,
something called hald-*, getty, and others. I suppose that I could
google them all individually, but I'd actually prefer if perhaps
someone could post to the list their KSystemGuard entries. Anything I
have they they don't I would investigate first. I don't see a way to
copy the table in KSystemGuard, but I'm near certain that there is a

Knotify, SSH, and Apache I can do without- how to disable them, so
they will not start up automatically when I restart the system?

Dotan Cohen


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