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Anything different in KDE of Fedora 6?


I plan to move to Fedora 6 by the end of the month. I'm a bit out of
touch with Fedora, for several reasons really not relevant here.

I remember that in the first Fedora versions there were several
differences between the included KDE and what you would got on other
distros (e.g. Slackware) or compiling KDE from sources.

How will it be in FC 6? Will it still be different? If yes, how, where
and why?

Mandatory disclaimer: I am just interested in _differences_. For
heaven's sake, let's not digress to which is worst, better and so
on... Also, I am only talking of _functional_ differences: not eye
candy or (default) themes, but things like support for this or that
functionality, integration with other apps, configuration defaults,
big differences in menus...


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