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Re: Intel(r) Core?2 Duo Processors"

On 14/10/06, James Wilkinson <fedora aprilcottage co uk> wrote:
John Wendel wrote:
> Look at the Xorg Time. Doesn't 347:19.29 with an uptime of 15:35 seem
> extremely high? On my box, X uses about 4 minutes / hour of uptime.
> And the load averages on most of the desktops I use are mostly in the
> 0.1 - 0.3 range. This box has something eating CPU. I don't think the
> file system is the problem.

Dotan Cohen replied:
> Thanks, John. What would be a first good step to diagnos this?

First thing *I'd* check is that you're not using a VESA driver. That
*will* eat processor time, since it's getting the processor to do a lot
of stuff that a graphics card will do much more efficiently.

Hope this helps,


Thanks. This motherboard has the graphic card built in- I just plug
the monitor into the back of the m/b. Note that it has an onboard
soundcard and an onboard ethernet port as well, both of which I
replaced with PCI devices. The onboard sound is trash, and I'm not
sure about the onboard ethernet.

So, how can I check if I'm using a VESA driver?

Thanks for all the help and patience.

Dotan Cohen


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