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Re: Intel(r) Core™2 Duo Processors"

On 14/10/06, Ian Malone <ibmalone gmail com> wrote:
Curious, I'm running an Athlon 1.3GHz (last one before XP ratings),
with 1GB of RAM, and I don't experience this, typically I'll be
running firefox, thunderbird, some music player (depends, LastFM client,
XMMS), vnc and be fine.  Although I do find that Wikipedia (and to
a lesser extent The Register) really slow firefox down, but it doesn't
affect the rest of the machine.  I'm not sure why that happens; my
parents machine is a similar (lower) spec, running Win98SE and
firefox has no problem on Wikpedia there.

Some of the newer apps are horribly slow though, Evince is often
unusable.  Doing video encoding and not setting the priority will
also slow things down, but that's to be expected.

Well, the Athalonm was the better version of the Duron. More cache, I
think, and the highest speed Duron was a few months behind the highest
speed Athalon. Wikipedia slows your machine down? Strange. Gmail slows
mine down, but with all the AJAX I'm not suprised. But there's no
scripting on wikipedia.

Dotan Cohen


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