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Re: Firefox - How to play wmv files?

On Sun, 2006-10-15 at 16:26 +0930, Tim wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-10-15 at 02:39 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
> > I've come to realize that every darn Saturday my name server goes down
> > for some reason and I have to reboot the DSL modem, reboot the
> > machine, curse and swear at it a bit and finally after an hour or so
> > of this abuse, it comes back up. 
> Back when I was using FC3, I would find that I would have to restart
> named after it'd been running for a week, or more.  It'd apparently be
> working, but produce no answers for resolving my ISP's news server.
> X would, also, need restarting every few days, or the system would grind
> to a crawl.
> Since updating to FC4, those problems went away, and I could leave a
> session logged in for days.  The only long-length problem I'd notice
> would be if I'd left Firefox running.
> I haven't played with servers, much, on FC5, but it seems similar to
> FC4.  I can leave it running for days, and it's fine.  I can stay logged
> in for prolonged periods, and its fine.  Firefox still romps through the
> memory, badly, if it's left running for prolonged periods.

I'll be go to hell, that's what happens. On Saturdays I do a lot of
responding to about 20 Nigerian Brides so I can get more pics - 
checking out uTube for the latest Papadizzi - Save Papadizzi! -
checking out the personals to see just who I might have snagged with my
charm and wit -
back to uTube to see who else has gone insane - 
dnloads galore that I forget why I got them in the first place about 4
hours later - 
checking out all the URLs mentioned in posts to here - 

-by then named has given out. Some memory leakage of some sort in
Firefox? Is Nothing sacred? Ric

My father, Victor Moore (Vic) used to say:
"There are two Great Sins in the world...
...the Sin of Ignorance, and 
...the Sin of Stupidity.
Only the former may be overcome." R.I.P. Dad.

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