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Re: No Sectors left of 120GB Drive

Gene Heskett <gene.heskett <at> verizon.net> writes:
> On Thursday 05 October 2006 21:18, jdow wrote:
> >From: "Tim" <ignored_mailbox <at> yahoo.com.au>
> >> Speaking of Amigas, have you got Fedora to read any Amiga FFS hard
> >> drives, or even Zip discs?  I've got a hankering to transfer some old
> >> data onto Fedora, and I'd rather not have to try getting Samba working
> >> with Miami over a serial port link.  Ugh, torture!
> >
> >Of course, there is even an Amiga SFS driver available if you look
> >for it. It reads both my 18 G main hard disk with "odd" formatting
> >and the 2k per block Fujitsu Magneto Optical disks I have. (My odd
> >formatting embeds the "RDBs" (Amiga's partition blocks) within the
> >first partition within reserved space just to prove it could be
> >done and make sure regarding how to make it safe.
> I also played with that reserved area somewhat back in the mists of time.
> I have, in the unbootable amiga yet, an amiga drive that was partitioned 
> all for an earlier version of SFS (Before it went underground and 
> eventually turned up commercially), and which I believe contains all of 
> the ezcron and ezhome stuff Jim and I ever wrote.  Where might I find this 
> bit of magic for linux?
> The idea is that if we ever could recover the real srcs, we'ed publish it 
> under the GPL since any chance of deriving any income is long gone.

Sorry to butt in here, I dropped by looking for Amiga FFS (or Amiga SFS, which
will also do) partition mounting in FC5.

FWIW, I've got FC5 installed on my Peg2, and there is an ext2/ext3 FileSystem
for AmigaOS/ MorphOS someone wrote. Doesn't do everything yet, but it gives
warnings when it can not do something. I've got it working one way now: On
MorphOS I can read/write on my FC5 ext3 partition.

If I can get FC5 to read my FFS partition, that would be fine. Maybe I'll try
the SFS thing first. Anybody know where to find these?


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