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Re: Installing Fedora 6 prerelease on a USB disk [SOLVED] -> now a GRUB problem !

Jim Cornette wrote:

>> Now, I am coping with other problem. I have obviously created by the
>> rescue cd a new initrd image with the usb storage drivers. It is GRUB
>> that does not work. When I try to boot from the USB disk, only the word
>> GRUB appears on the screen and the systems freezes, albeit I have told
>> the Fedora installer to install grub on /dev/sda (and not /dev/hda).
>> So, can you suggest me a simple but good manual of grub ? I probably
>> have to reconfigure it, but I can do it from a working FC5 on hda... I
>> tryed to chroot to the FC6 on usb disk and launched grub-install
>> /dev/sda, but this is not the correct way :|
> No ideas of where to hunt for information on getting a USB device
> booting properly. I was counting on the developers getting USB installs
> to just work without a lot of fuss. After all, what are we paying them
> for? :-)

I have solved that issue, too. :) Basically, I have regenerated the
device map in grub, issued a grub-install, and then I had to reconfig
the grub.conf when booting (of course, I have regenerated the initrd
image including the usb-storage drivers) in the grub-shell minieditor.

If someone is intrested, I can post the step-by-step procedure.

Now I writing this email by the USB-disk booted FC6 prerelease.... :)

Thanks to everyone,


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