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Re: initrd

Mike Wright wrote:
> I've installed fedora onto everything I could get my hands on, but one 
> of the recurring problems has been building custom initrds for each type 
> of boot device.  Does anybody know if it is possible to build a kernel 
> with enough of the drivers built-in that the initrd is not required or 
> does Fedora require it to boot?

Dan wrote:
> I used to do this, you just need support for your filesystem i.e. ext3
> compiled as part of the kernel instead of loaded as a module. Basically
> setting up the config for a kernel before you compile it. Change the
> filesystem support ext3,jfs,xfs...  to Y instead of M. At least this
> used to work.

"This" presumably being an initrd-less kernel.

The big problem is not the filesystem, it's the device drivers for any
SCSI / SATA adapters, possibly USB drivers, and enough of the RAID and
LVM modules to mount the root filesystem.

You could build a kernel with everything you can think of built-in. This
would make for a big kernel, and the excess modules would continue to
eat memory once the kernel had booted. They couldn't be swapped to disk,

It might be easier just to run "mkinitrd --with= " and specify all the
modules that you can think of. Possibly you could do something like
cd /lib/modules/2.6.17-1.2174_FC5/kernel/drivers
/sbin/mkinitrd --with=$(for i in scsi/* usb/*  ; do echo -n $(basename $i .ko), ; done) /tmp/initrd 2.6.17-1.2174_FC5

Warning -- that's untested (inasmuch as I haven't actually created the
initrd and booted from it. The syntax seems good, though... And I can't
say for certain that's all the modules you'll need, and there's almost
certainly some you don't.)

Hope this helps,


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