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Re: Top vs. bottom posting, solution proposal ;-)

From: "Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday mindspring com>
On Sun, 15 Oct 2006, Andy Oram wrote:

Marko Vojinovic wrote:

> So, I devoted a couple of hours of my time to write down some
> prototype of top/bottom post converter, creatively named
> top2bottom.c :-) .
I am impressed that you thought of doing this--creating a technical
solution to a social problem.

IMHO, implementing something like this is a really bad idea, since it
implies that posters can revert to being sloppy about their posting
etiquette, knowing that some technical wizardry will fix it for them.

please -- i'm begging you -- do *not* start this discussion yet again.
i could have sworn that there is now an official edict somewhere on
redhat.com that states clearly that top posting is a *bad* *thing*.
can we please just accept that and not go through this every month?

Adults don't care and adapt. Children complain.

Got it?


If shoe fits, wear it until you grow enough it doesn't fit.


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