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Re: Top vs. bottom posting, solution proposal ;-)

On Sunday 15 October 2006 23:26, Andy Oram wrote:
> Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> >So, I devoted a couple of hours of my time to write down some prototype of
> >top/bottom post converter, creatively named top2bottom.c :-) .
> I am impressed that you thought of doing this--creating a technical
> solution to a social problem. Yes, perhaps it can help keep the 
> discussions down.

Well, the general idea behind any technology is to make life easier, right?
At least it should be ;-) ...

> But there are still issues: the code would have to be 
> integrated with mail clients, and mail not fitting the bottom-posting
> standard would go into archives.

Of course, I am not offering the complete solution in a package. This is just 
a test-engine. A lot of work should be done to get it working in a 
mail-client etc.

As for the archives, they can be filtered too, it's not a problem. Even 
messages from the past (now, wouldn't *that* make previous top-posting 
threads even more confusing :-) ).

The real problem is that this mangling of people's e-mails may sometimes be 
confusing, in the sense of that "Yesterday Joe wrote:" type of headers that 
go to the wrong place in the resulting message.

> Did you consider recursion in the algorithm?

Why? This is just a simple "sort-the-strings" problem. Actually, there is a 
lot of stuff I didn't consider, to be honest. But if you have a good idea or 
a better algorithm, I'd be glad to hear about it. :-)

Btw, that goes for the algorithm, not for the implementation. As I said, I am 
perfectly aware that this code can be written *much* better... :-)

Thanks for the comments! ;-)

Best regards, :-)

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