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Re: Top vs. bottom posting, solution proposal ;-)

jdow wrote:

>> please -- i'm begging you -- do *not* start this discussion yet again.
>> i could have sworn that there is now an official edict somewhere on
>> redhat.com that states clearly that top posting is a *bad* *thing*.
>> can we please just accept that and not go through this every month?
> Adults don't care and adapt. Children complain.
> Got it?
> Good.
> If shoe fits, wear it until you grow enough it doesn't fit.

How true....

What I really need is a solution for how to keep the cats from running over
our bed/head/body in the middle of the night.  All solutions, except for
those below, are welcome.

1.  Close the door to keep them out of the bedroom.  (We live in a loft thus
there are no doors.)
2.  Put them in the bathroom.  (Trying to catch 3 cats and get them into the
bathroom every night would be too much.  Besides, getting up in the middle
of the night would just release them anyway...and we're not into chamber pots.)
3.  Get rid of the cats.  (Besides the fact that we love them...if I got rid
of the cats, my wife would get rid of me.  Some would contend that would be
a good idea...but don't suggest it.)

I realize this isn't a programming issue.  But, we have lots of lawyers,
psychologists, etc. on this list.

Even though it would be "off topic" it would still be more fun than beating
a dead horse.

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