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fedora 6 install breaks at network configuration

Hi all

I'm a Red Hat (Fedora) noob after years of fighting with Debian. After recently spending a couple of days trying to get the latest Debian (Etch) to install I discover that it will not drive my dual head setup (which windoze does without trouble). So I thought I'd give Fedora a try. Now I can't even get through an install - either a 6 DVD or a 5 network install. Whatever I do when trying to install 6, as soon as I press the OK after trying to configure the network I get an immediate failure with an option to save or reboot.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong: I turn off dhcp and enable ipv4. Then I enter my box's ip address in the first section of the ipv4 line - - and, after looking all over the internet to find out what the 'prefix' was, I enter 24. Press OK and crash. Try just leaving dhcp on thinking maybe it'll just ignore it and I can change it later, press OK and nothing.

With the 5 net install it gets to the dialog "Install Starting This may take several minutes" and just sits there doing nothing (I waited over a half an hour for that one). Then of course it messed up my mbr and I had to fix it before I could boot back into my dual head windoze setup to type this.

If this has been covered before I would appreciate a link or something as I can't find anything similar on google.


phil n

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