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Re: Top vs. bottom posting, solution proposal ;-)

Robert P. J. Day:
>> yup.  so you won't have any objection if i start posting in HTML?  or
>> refuse to trim my included text?  hey, what if i start hijacking
>> threads?  does that work for you, joanne?  no?  then stop being such a
>> condescending twit.

Ric Moore:
> God Robert, either you have some very large ones on ya or you just don't
> know who you're taking on there. <eek!> I'd run like Hell myself! 
> Besides, Grande Dame Joanne is one of our favorite ones. She's paid her
> dues since when and many of us really respect her for being there at the
> beginning, when it all changed. I suggest go easy or ignore. Name
> calling on a Lady? Not good at all. That's far worse, according to my
> perspectives, than anything mentioned concerning posting etiquette. I
> hope you acknowledge, take responsibility for your action and strive to
> remain offense free. Do that, we're Brothers. Ric 

Hmm, those post HTML, etc., to high-volume mailing lists, and lists with
lots of members, deserve a few hundred messages of revenge heading in
their direction...  I do believe that a core dump, or two, is the
appropriate response from *ix uses.

Masses of unnecessary quoting is what pisses me off the most, no matter
what quoting style was done.  Likewise for anything that's difficult to
read.  Posters should make their postings clearly coherent, if they want
any chance at getting good help.

(Currently running FC4, but testing FC5, if that's important.)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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