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Re: /boot partition mislabeled on last reinstall - need advice on how to fix

Claude Jones wrote:
I did a fresh install of FC5 about three weeks ago. I have three drives in this machine, all SATA, which I set up under the custom partitioning option:

sda is 200GB
It was supposed to be: 500 MB sda1 formatted as ext2 and mounted as /boot
2 GB sda2 formatted as swap
the rest formatted as ext 3 and mounted as  /

sdb is 300 GB
sdb1 is formatted as ext3, takes up the whole drive, and is mounted as /home

sdc is 500 GB formatted as ext3 and is mounted as /home/cj/archive

I just realized this is not what happened. sda1 got labelled as /boot1 and is not mounted
/boot is therefore mounted under / which is on sda3

I had some strange log messages for awhile reporting smart errors on sda - after running various diagnostics on it, I ended up running Spinrite on that drive for 18 hours, which found nothing - since then, the log errors have not reappeared

In the course of trouble shooting those log reports, I discovered this issue with sda1 being mislabeled. I'm pretty careful when partitioning, and I check and recheck things - I can't imagine I let a typo like that get past me, though anything is possible. So, my first question is, can anyone think of any thing that could have caused that to happen besides a typo? My second question is about strategy. I'd like to return /boot to sda1 - any suggestions on how to go about that would be appreciated.

Reboot with rescue disk or Knoppix, relable the desired partitions for example with tune2fs, and modify your /etc/fstab before rebooting into your old system. Is this what you meant?

This whole area of how file systems get mounted has
been changing over the past 6-12 months, and I'm having a hard time getting my brain wrapped around the best way to go about this.

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