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bluetooth to connect Verizon XV6700 PocketPC. Advice?

I've been trying to follow instuctions on the synce website
(http://www.synce.org/index.php/Windows_Mobile_2005_Support) about
making my PocketPC phone talk to Fedora 5.  The laptop does not have
internal bluetooth, and after a struggle, I've learned that the usb
chip on the phone is flaky and so it is not supported by the kernel's
usb drivers (that's "usb_rndis" and it may never work).  So I need to
use bluetooth to connect the laptop to the phone.  I find many
different websites for different Linuxex and all seem to have
different opinions on how a person ought to do this, and I am afraid
that none of them will be relevant to the newest kernel & hal in
Fedora.  (I've had the problem before that I followed the usb advice
of others and ended up making a lot of hacks that were wrong &
unnecessary on Fedora).

So now I ask

1. Is there any big reason why I should buy the more expensive
built-in bluetooth component from Dell (for this Latitude D820) rather
than the cheaper usb bluetooth dongle I can get for $10 on

2. Suppose I have the "right" bluetooth device, can somebody who uses
Fedora tell me what kinds of hacks did you make to activate it?  I'm
reading websites for people who use Ubuntu or Mandrake and they seem
to have different names for such basic things as the kernel modules
that support bluetooth devices.  I see some people suggesting I need
to find a PIN file, some create a custom dun file, and miscellaneous
other tidbits, and I can't even be sure if those pieces of advice
apply to software that is in Fedora.

Paul E. Johnson
Professor, Political Science
1541 Lilac Lane, Room 504
University of Kansas

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