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Re: Is it safe to write to a vfat32 partition?

George Arseneault wrote:
> I have an HP-Pavilion with a 40GB main drive which has
> Windows on it and a 8GB secondary drive on which I
> mounted FC5.  Needless to say, I'd rather have MP3's,
> jpeg's and such on the big drive. 
> I've got it set up so I can mount the Win drive
> read-only. Since, I believe I read it somewhere, that
> writing to a VFat partition can sometimes cause
> errors.
> Is this true?

I'd say it is not true.

Vfat32 is generally considered the best solution for
data interchange between Linux and Windows when
dual booting or for external hard disks.

You should just avoid unclean unmounts (that is, without
umount), but this applies more or less to every
In any case, a fsck.vfat command is available.

But don't forget to have a recent backup of your data
somewhere. Even if the software is not buggy, the
hardware can die in any moment.
(in my experience with reiserfs, I found hard disk
hardware is much more fragile than the filesystem).

For NTFS the situation is worse, although improving
during last months.

Best regards.
   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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