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Re: dvorak layout

On 16/10/06, Mike Wright <xktnniuymlla mailinator com> wrote:
I have these on my system.  Are any of these useful to you?  If so, just
say which ones and I'll zip and send them to you.

$ slocate /dvorak

Thank, Mike. I should note that I'm not home (so I can't get to my FC5
box), and this is a Debian machine (Ubuntu). So it turns out that it
_does_ have these files:

sullivan ubuntu:~$ locate dvorak

And I can "loadkeys /usr/lib/kbd/keytables/dvorak.map" to get dvorak
on the command line. But it's missing from KDE Kcontrol. I don't see
anything KDE-looking in the files listed in Mike's post. I personally
don't use dvorak (but now that I've seen it, I just might), so I don't
even know if FC[4||5] has in in KDE. Could somebody confirm that it

And no amount of googling is helping, either. There's a bug filed for
Ubunutu, but no solution. No help on their mailing list, either.

Maybe I'll test out the network-install of FC on this box. I won't -
it's not mine - but I'm tempted!

Dotan Cohen


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