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Re: MySQL won't start

From: Michael Fleming <mfleming enlartenment com>
Reply-To: For users of Fedora Core releases <fedora-list redhat com>
To: fedora-list redhat com
Subject: Re: MySQL won't start
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 19:53:54 +1000

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006 01:45:29 +0000
"Jim Douglas" <jdz99 hotmail com> wrote:

> I recently upgraded from FC4 > FC5, now I get this error whwn
> starting MySQL
> "mysqld dead but subsys locked"
> I uninstalled, reinstalled with YUM, no help at all...
> What else can I do?

Have you looked in /var/log/messages, /var/log/mysqld.log
or /var/lib/mysql/*.err for any error messages?

These should steer you in the right path.

> Jim


Michael Fleming <mfleming enlartenment com>
Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind.

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I looked at the logs and they weren't much help,

This worked,



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