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Re: Installing Fedora 6 prerelease on a USB disk [SOLVED] -> now a GRUB problem !

Doru Georgescu wrote:
> Andrea Mastellone wrote:
>> I have solved that issue, too. :) Basically, I have regenerated
> the
>> device map in grub, issued a grub-install, and then I had to
> reconfig
>> the grub.conf when booting (of course, I have regenerated the
> initrd
>> image including the usb-storage drivers) in the grub-shell
> minieditor.
>> If someone is intrested, I can post the step-by-step procedure.
>> Now I writing this email by the USB-disk booted FC6 prerelease....
> :)
> Please post the step-by-step procedure because I have a similar
> configuration and I want to install FC5 on the external usb drive. 
> Thank you a lot, 
> Doru

Hi Doru,

I am sorry that I have not still replied, but I am a bit busy at the
moment. I will post it as soon as I become free :|


"Homo sum, nihil humani alienum a me puto." (Terenzio).
"Il vero io รจ quello che tu sei, non quello che hanno fatto di te." (P.

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