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Re: FC5/KDE3.5 beamer woes

Hi Ernest,

2006/10/17, Ernest B. M <e byaru gmail com>:

Anthony Messina wrote the following on 10/17/2006 03:08 PM:
> Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Ernest B. M  wrote:
>>> My FC5/KDE3.5 system does not automatically project the screen to a
>>> beamer
>> OK, I give up, what is a "beamer"?
>> -- Rex
> i just found out too, rex... it's a video projector
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beamer

ok, now that we know what it is - has anybody experienced this
problem? You are a a very important meeting, (and are very proud of
your OS, its not windoze). You fire up the projector, connect the
laptoy and la! the resolutions dont match, you have to tinker with
Xorg.conf to get it right, and everyone is asking.. what the hell is
he doing? (and someone with an apple laughts at you proudly)

anyway, what packages in KDE3.5 and/or FC5 are responsible for
detecting a projector automagically (and its proper resolution of
course) and working right away?


have you tried, at first, to change dynamicalli the resolution using
CTRL+ALT+"+" or CTRL+ALT+"-" keys? If your Xorg.conf contain multiple
resolution line for the monitor, chance are you can find one good also
for the projector


Alessandro Brezzi

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