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Re: FC5/KDE3.5 beamer woes

>> My FC5/KDE3.5 system does not automatically project the screen to
>> a beamer, and i have to to tinker with the resolution (basically
>> by lowering it) to always get it working.
>> Question is - how can i get FC5/KDE3.5 to automatically detect a 
>> beamer and its resolution and project the proper screen to the
>> beamer? It is a bit embarassing at times i must say. What
>> packages must i update, if any? (sorry but i prefer KDE to GNOME,
>> in case GNOME works well, and i would much appreciate someone to
>> help me fix this using KDE!)
> if you are using a nvidia card, and you have a speperate section
> for your projector in it, try adding the following line to the
> Display section
> SubSection "Display" Depth      24 Modes      "nvidia-auto-select" 
> EndSubSection
> This should tell the nvidia driver (version 8756 and above) to 
> autoselect the resolution.

hmm, i use the ATI RAdeon 9000

is it possible to do this with ATI ?


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