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Re: Switching static to DHCP

On Tue, 2006-10-17 at 08:56 -0600, Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
>     I'm looking to switch our current, static, network to a DHCP one.  
> There are several devices on the network that would need to remain 
> static, but for the most part I can switch all the client computers to 
> DHCP.  So, the question is, if I configure a DHCP server on the network, 
> define all the MAC addresses that need to retain their current IPs, and 
> then little by little start converting all the client machines to DHCP, 
> will there be any problems with those that haven't been switched over 
> yet?  In other words, will the network continue to function with some 
> machines being static and some having been switched to DHCP?

That should work fine.  The PCs don't care how their IPs are set, they
just have to have correct settings.  

As long as you pre-configure your DHCP server to reserve the IPs you
want to fix to certain machines, so it doesn't give them out to other
PCs.   And those machines which are pre-configured with IPs before you
get around to letting them be configured by the DHCP server, are
configured for the IPs you want them to have when they are going to be
configured by the DHCP server, you should be fine.

>     And a related question, how do I define something like, say a set of 
> MAC addresses to have only a certain range of IPs?  Out network is 
> broken down into IP ranges.  .100 to .120 is the management range, .50 
> to .60 is shipping department, .80 - .90 is sales, etc., etc.  So 
> ideally I would like the DHCP server to also behave in that manner if it 
> encounters a request coming from a particular MAC.  If it belongs to a 
> particular group, then only hand out IPs from a specific range.

Usually, fixed IP setting via a DHCP server is a specific IP for a
specific MAC.  A particular PC will keep getting the same IP, not just
one in a small range.

There are "groups" that you can define in your DHCP configuration.  It
sounds like you really need to study how to configure the server, then
come back with specific questions about it that you haven't worked out.

You should probably read man dhcpd.conf and search through it for the
keyword, "group".  Probably, you should also look for the keywords
"pools" and "classes".

(Currently running FC4, but testing FC5, if that's important.)

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