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Re: Switching static to DHCP

At 15:56 17/10/2006, you wrote:

   I'm looking to switch our current, static, network to a DHCP one.
There are several devices on the network that would need to remain static, but for the most part I can switch all the client computers to DHCP. So, the question is, if I configure a DHCP server on the network, define all the MAC addresses that need to retain their current IPs, and then little by little start converting all the client machines to DHCP, will there be any problems with those that haven't been switched over yet? In other words, will the network continue to function with some machines being static and some having been switched to DHCP?

And a related question, how do I define something like, say a set of MAC addresses to have only a certain range of IPs? Out network is broken down into IP ranges. .100 to .120 is the management range, .50 to .60 is shipping department, .80 - .90 is sales, etc., etc. So ideally I would like the DHCP server to also behave in that manner if it encounters a request coming from a particular MAC. If it belongs to a particular group, then only hand out IPs from a specific range.


So far as I know, there shouldn't be any difficulty with doing this.

What you have to do is set up the range of possible IP addresses to be provided, by editing /etc/dhcpd.conf. But before you do this make sure there is no clash with any of the static set up machines.


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