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Re: FC5/KDE3.5 beamer woes

Em Terça 17 Outubro 2006 11:18, Ernest B. M escreveu:
> >>> ok, now that we know what it is - has anybody experienced this
> >>> problem? You are a a very important meeting, (and are very
> >>> proud of your OS, its not windoze). You fire up the projector,
> >>> connect the laptoy and la! the resolutions dont match, you have
> >>> to tinker with Xorg.conf to get it right, and everyone is
> >>> asking.. what the hell is he doing? (and someone with an apple
> >>> laughts at you proudly)
> >>
> >> Why not setup xorg.conf with the most common resolutions (at
> >> least 1024x768 and 800x600, besides that you normally use) and
> >> just cycle between them with CTRL + and CTRL - if necessary? For
> >> me, this is ok...
> >
> > Ops! CTRL ALT + e CTRL ALT -
> sorry but this doesnt seem to be working here! does it actually also
> modify the resolution of the screen on the laptop (in real time) plus
> the projector? (or does this just apply to the projector screen only?)
> or do i have to restart X?

It modifies the screen and projector resolutions in real time. No need to 
restart X, unless you've just modified your xorg.conf. Did you look at your 
xorg.conf and confirmed that there are several resolutions configured there? 
You should have a line in section "Screen", subsection "Display", like this 
Modes    "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600"

And then you should be able to cycle through these resolutions in X using CTRL 
ALT + and CTRL ALT -


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