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Re: [FC5] Change file system & merge drive without lossing data???

On 17/10/06, Deepak Shrestha <d88pak gmail com> wrote:

I have one 40GB drive and this is where I have my FC5 installed.
Besides, I have another drive 30GB drive, which I partitioned into
20GB(movies) and 10GB(mp3) vfat (FAT32) filesystem. It is almost full.
Obviously the reason for VFAT is so that I can use it with Windows
machine but I want to change the file system of this drive to ext3 and
merge them into one partition (single drive single partition) to use
it solely with my FC5.

20GB + 10GB = 30GB single drive and (ext3 file system)

I know backing up is the good practice but I have no extra drive to
backup my files. So may be I need to change this first two drive into
ext3 and then merge them together.

is it possible what I am thinking of???

Backing up to another media, converting the filesystem and restoring
is the only way AFAIK. I wanted to do the same some time ago and could
not find any tool to do so. The tools you mentioned help in
partitioning/resiging partitions but do not help in the current

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