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USB Boot Drive to run FC5 setup

I have a 512 meg usb flash drive install with damn small linux and I can
boot off it. I have a couple machines with four hard drives and no
CDROM. I will be rebuilding one so it currently has no OS.  

I'd really like to be able to boot the FC5 setup from the usb drive.
(and preferably multiple FC setups, like FC6 when it arrives, so I can
kick off a network install on PCs that do not have CDROMs)

Anyway, I've been searching for a SIMPLE howto to set my usb drive up
with the FC5 setup. Something like I used for the damn small linux
install. It used windows and admittedly it was extremely easy. I've
found a lot of sites on running linux off the usb drive, but I just want
to use it to start the setup.

Or, is there any way for me to add right onto the usb boot drive that
already is working with DSL?


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