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Grub hangs (after kernel update?)

Today my previously working FC5 Linux won't boot.  I see the word "GRUB"
alone on the screen, which IIRC means that grub can't find stage 2 (or
stage 1.5).

Yesterday I yum updated to kernel.i686 2.6.18-1.2200.fc5, along with
pango.i386 1.12.4-3 and then -4, bind, caching-nameserver, anacron, and
gzip.  Actually I don't see how /any/ of that could cause this issue.  This
is the first time booting with the 2200 kernel.

FC5 boots by chaining from NTLDR's boot.ini, using a file made from the
boot sector of my boot partition (/dev/hde3 or (hd0,2)).  WinXP still
boots, btw.

/boot is EXT3 on a primary partition, hde3, labeled /boot, 1K blocks (I
have not booted with the 2200 kernel).  (There is only one hard disk, hde,
with nothing on hda or hdb, while hdc and hdd are optical drives.)  /boot
is 87% full.

e2fsck /dev/hde3 is clean.

FC5 is installed on LVM2, though that doesn't matter until grub loads.  FC5
is on VolGroup00/LogVol02, FC3 is on VolGroup00/LogVol00, and 1 GB swap is
on VolGroup00/LogVol01.

I booted from the rescue CD, mounted R/W, chrooted, and (re-)ran
grub-install, which said it succeeded.  /boot and /boot/grub and
/boot/grub/menu.lst look OK to me, but FC5 still won't boot.

What should I try next?
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