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Re: dvorak layout

On 10/17/06, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen gmail com> wrote:
On 17/10/06, Nigel Henry <cave dnb tiscali fr> wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 October 2006 06:24, Dylan Semler wrote:
> Thanks for the link below. Read the Zine, printed off the keyboard layout, and
> am writing this using Dvorak. Lots of mistakes as the UK keyboard doesn't
> quite match the DL'd layout. As I learned typing looking at the keys, perhaps
> I will pick this up quicker. Rock on Dvorak.
> Nigel.

Yeah ,I read that zine too. Almost ordered the printed version, just
as an excuse for showing support.

Good to hear you guys enjoyed it.  I hesitated posting about it
because it doesn't really relate to the OP's concern, but figured
there'd be some interested people following the thread that might like
to have a look.


Type faster.  Use Dvorak:

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