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Re: thoughts on LWN "how many Fedora users are there"

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> Why not go the more traditional, and transparent route? A registration 
> page/app.
> Have a Python app (both CLI and GUI) and have it run as part of first
> boot, and have it always available. Have it generate an extremely
> random number (on the other of 16^32). Then give the user the option
> to register with Fedora, distrowatch, Linux User Counter, or any
> combination, or just dismiss it totally.
> What is the flaw in that stradegy?
> I'm all for getting metrics, but why such a complicated solution?

I think that's the plan for FC7. The Powers That Be wanted something
simple for FC6 well after feature freeze and with only a week or so
until planned release.

Hope this helps,


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