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Re: add a message to a thread

Doru Georgescu wrote:
> Anyone know how can I add a message to a specific thread from archive
> or from digest mail? But to a specific letter in the thread? 

oldman suggested:
> delete entire digest except the letter you wish to respond to, Re-name
> the subject to agree with the post's subject, and respond
> (bottom-posting of course!) :-)

This isn't technically correct. Some threaded mail clients (and news
clients) will see this as a separate thread, since you still won't get
the various "references" fields that a normal response would give.

Others will place the response with the rest of the thread, but still
won't have a clue where in the thread it should go.

A better answer is to go to
https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-list (the URL helpfully
appended at the bottom of each e-mail) and log in (it's not just for
unsubscribing). There you can switch your digest from a plain digest to
a MIME digest.

You should then be able, in your e-mail client, to reply to individual

Gmane sounds a good suggestion, too.

Hope this helps,


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