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Re: Newly installed 2 CPU Xeon 5130 hangs

James Wilkinson wrote:
Peter Møller Neergaard wrote:
Over the weekend, we installed a new server based on two Xeon 5130
processors.  We installed Fedora Core 5 and updated to the latest
versions on the package.


Since installing the server, we've two times experienced that the server completely hang: all processes became unresponsive and there was no longer generated any log information.
It sometimes works out that you might still be able to ssh in from a remote machine and get some logs/dmesg, run top.

On a Dell Poweredge 750 {and I think other models see Dell forums} with FC3, if runlevel 5 was used or started, then an X process would go 99-10%, making the machine severely slow. {It required a reboot to get around this condition}. Just a thought.

>> In both cases we had to hard reboot the
machine.  The first time after 3 hours, the second time after 30 minutes.
You might also be able to leave some xterms open running top and tail -f /var/log/messages to see if anything is being logged.

Another thing to try would be a serial console, since any emissions before death would then be easily captured. Boot with console=ttyS0,9600n1 or some such and fire up minicom on another machine and use a null {crossover} serial cable.

Good luck.


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