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Re: X won't start after update to latest kernel [Solved]

I ran into the same issue after upgrading last night, no X (ATI Radeon
card). I ran system-config-display - -reconfig to get back in, then
uninstalled all fglrx stuff, rebooted, then downloaded and installed
ATI's proprietary drivers to see if that would help. After running
aticonfig I still wasn't happy, couldn't get 1600x1200 on my external
LCD, checked the new xorg.conf generated by aticonfig, it was missing
all alternate resolutions. I cut and pasted my old resolutions from my
saved xorg file in, restarted X, and it's a joy to behold, the ATI
panel allows me to set up for 1600x1200, GNOME works well.

Question regarding glxgears - what exactly do the results mean - with
stock drivers from FC5 I get 1200+ FPS but can't get 1600x1200
resolution, with the ATI driver I'm only getting 500 to 600 FPS, yet
I'm pleased with my screen otherwise - I don't play games and don't
see much need for 3D etc. so am not too concerned.

New rule for me - make sure I have backup copies of all my conf etc
files before any future upgrades, and never do a kernel upgrade until
a week has gone by and I have a better understanding of all the issues
involved. I also saw the wisdom of not booting into a desktop
automatically, especially after a kernel upgrade.


Burlington, Canada

On 10/18/06, antonio montagnani <antonio montagnani gmail com> wrote:
2006/10/18, Jafar <jafaruddin lie gmail com>:
> On 10/18/06, Claude Jones <claude_jones levitjames com> wrote:
> >
> > I waited. It took a long interval before the GUI display came up
> > that let me configure the display settings. I changed my
> > resolution, changed to millions of colors, and clicked OK. The
> > GUI shut down. I then ran startx and X started right up.
> > --
> > Claude Jones
> > Brunswick, MD, USA
> >
> >
> Claude
> I hit the same problem.
> Did you manage to get fglrx to work?
I didn't succeed to have fglrx running and I reverted to the standard
driver for my radeon card.Any comment??

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