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Re: bittorrent, azureus, ports and routers

On 10/15/06, Thufir <hawat thufir gmail com> wrote:
I'm presently downloading a torrent with the bittorrent-gui, which seems
to be progressing fine.  However, I've previously run into problems with

Azureus is a bittorrent client.  What's happening that bittorrent, itself,
works fine, yet azureus doesn't work due to blocked ports?  What is a port?

Apparently bittorrent works regardless of blocked ports.  What is it about
azureus that's different?

 Azureus has  a UPnP plugin and most routers today have UPnP altough I'm not sure if it's enabled by default. If you turn on the UPnP plugin Azureus will negotiate the opening of the ports with your router and you won't need to log in to configure it it doesn't matter if you have the password.


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