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Re: FC4 to FC5 upgrade slow

Andy Green wrote:
Mark Haney wrote:

This box is a dual Opteron box with 4GB RAM.  Should it be that slow?

It sounds to me like it is using swap, no matter what the RAM on the

Well, when I looked at it before, it wasn't swapping out, I still had about 1GB RAM free. However, all the running processes (anaconda, etc) from the installation were 'Sleeping'. I wasn't seeing much disk activity, or activity to the CD ROM drive.

Well usually the processes that would rather be doing something else are blocked on IO if they are blocked at all. On top this would show up on top as a lot on CPU on "system" and no idle CPU. Maybe there is some problem with the install kernel vs your board? Try


and see if there is some spew of something going on, maybe with your HDD. Also I guess check your

cat /proc/cpuinfo

and also see if anything on

cat /proc/interrupts

is cranking up at a crazy rate.  Another trick is to do

ps -Af

and look at the last few processes, usually that list is in order of spawning, so you can see if a scriptlet is running something that is making it stick.


Well I"m not seeing anything really out of the ordinary. In dmesg, I'm seeing some SELinux 'denied' messages, but not a lot of them. The CPUinfo looks correct. I'm seeing a lot of interrupts in IO-APIC timer, and ps -Af doesn't show anything hanging that I can see.

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Mark Haney
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