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Re: Yum

Thanks Jeff, and the others who have responded to my query for help..
What I did was I ran a query to see if BitTorrent was installed and with that I was told to remove anything that was related to that in order to re-install BitTorrent. I was shown two lines that concerned BitTorrent and I deleted these directories.. (rm -Rf /dev/???)
Bingo.  Now I no longer had Yum..

I will try and be more cautious to the future.

Thanks again fellows for the help and kind direction...

At 01:50 PM 10/18/2006 -0500, you wrote:
On Tue, 2006-10-17 at 22:09 -0300, Ted Gervais wrote:
> I seem to have lost my 'YUM'.  I deleted some python files which must have
> been apart of Yum or the other way around.
> How do I get  my YUM back?  Can I  reinstall it from the iso disks or
> should I do a search and find an rpm version out in the world somewhere?
This is a hard way to learn.
IMHO, you should never delete files that you are not 100% certain of
their purpose/usage.

It is much better to do something like
        yum provides </path/to/file>
then look at the output so you can tell what packages put the file
You then need to try a "yum remove <package>" and see what other
packages it may want to remove for dependencies so you have a chance to
decide whether you really should delete it or not.

> ---
> Ted Gervais,
> Coldbrook, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Ted Gervais,
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia, Canada

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