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Re: Another slip in the FC6 schedule

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Tuesday 17 October 2006 22:14, ronald wrote:
okay then.

my suggestion is:
do a complete respin or whatsoever and *then* announce a release date.

just my opinion !

okay ?

We did that. The problem was that initial tests I did showed promising. The problem was that AFTER we started the sync that would go to mirrors some things were caught in regression. This time around all these regressions were tested fixed before we announced, but that doesn't mean some user in some configuration we don't have here could find a showstopper before we send to the mirrors. It is better to be more vocal about whats going on than a black box.

it's always difficult to me to express my thoughts in correct english
sentences. therefore it's always a one-sentence-statement, which could
be misunderstood and i believe here also: my email wasn't a complaint !

-iirc- you and all working on fedora are (at least) since mid sept.
under steam to hold this *shitty* date.

why/where is the need to raise this steam by announcing *dates* in a
weekly beat ?

means: take that time you need to release a proper fc6.

i believe the peoples are more interested in quality then in this
release *date*.

and - reading between the lines - yesterday it was notedly (fc5 on
production boxes is at least a compliment to FC5 and all involved people !)

but repetitively slip dates and "draft draft draft" on the schedule site
is honest, but have a psychological effect also.

that all.

okay ?

i personally have no problems with the running fc6-devel here.



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