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Fedora OS display and NTFS mount problems !

A wonderful hello ,

I apologize on disturbing you, but do truly need some help in Fedora OS.

As being an absolute Linux beginner, I can´t fix my display resolution to 1600x1200, only 1024x768 works so far.

Second question is about mounting NTFS under Fedora Core 5 for my AMD Opterons 246 ( x86_64).

Latest kernel is already installed.

I tried to change xorg.conf as to display configuration, well  I can change display values but not the screen configuration.

My LCD is NEC 2080UXi 20 "

Graphic card - Gigabyte Nvidia 6600 GT

Both devices have been recognized so far.

As to NTFS mounting, it doesn´t work. What shall I type inside /etc/fstab ?

I always get a conclusion, can´t find ntfs .

Sorry about my questions, it´s my start

have a nice day

arcsan from Graz, Austria 
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