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Re: Fedora OS display and NTFS mount problems !

Sanjin Danilovic wrote:
A wonderful hello ,

I apologize on disturbing you, but do truly need some help in Fedora OS.

As being an absolute Linux beginner, I can´t fix my display resolution to 1600x1200, only 1024x768 works so far.

Second question is about mounting NTFS under Fedora Core 5 for my AMD Opterons 246 ( x86_64).

Latest kernel is already installed.

I tried to change xorg.conf as to display configuration, well  I can change display values but not the screen configuration.

My LCD is NEC 2080UXi 20 "

Graphic card - Gigabyte Nvidia 6600 GT

Both devices have been recognized so far.

As to NTFS mounting, it doesn´t work. What shall I type inside /etc/fstab ?

I always get a conclusion, can´t find ntfs .

Sorry about my questions, it´s my start

have a nice day

arcsan from Graz, Austria

Try the following.

1. Set your self up to use the livna repository of extras. (You should go to http://rpm.livna.org/ first and read the small print)

  Basically, just run

 > rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-5.rpm

2. For your screen problem, I recommend trying the nvidia driver (I am guessing you currently use the OSS nv driver, which is not as good (no 3D for instance) but OSS, the nvidia one is better but closed source which some people object to. Its your call.)

 > yum install  kmod-nvidia

3. For ntfs, you also need to install a kernel add on since it is not available in the default FC kernel

 > yum install  kmod-ntfs

hope this helps


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