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Re: Newly installed 2 CPU Xeon 5130 hangs

Peter Møller Neergaard wrote:
> For now, I've followed your advise of going to run level 3 along with
> unplugging keyboard, mouse, and monitor (just in case it could be
> interference with external hardware).

If you get another crash or hang, plug that monitor back in -- it might
give you some clue as to what's happening.

>  In addition, I stopped the
> following services: atd, 
> anacron, avahi-daemon, bluetooth, cpuspeed, rpcgssd, rpcidmapd,
> autofs, acpid, gpm, and xfs.

Of those, cpuspeed is the only one that is at all likely to be a
problem: it actually talks to hardware, and makes it do something it
wouldn't otherwise do. And that's assuming cpuspeed does something on
those Xeons.

Everything else is either pure software (including gpm: it just acts on
commands *from* the mouse as interpreted by the kernel) or is for
hardware you're very unlikely to have.

Still, if you don't need those services, why waste memory on them?

What sort of video hardware do you have? What does
grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Come to that, what sort of screen-savers were you running? It may well
be that you were running an OpenGL screensaver that was hitting a bug in
your video driver. You may find that just switching to "screen-blank
only" stops the hangs.

But there again, if you don't need a GUI, why waste the memory on it?

Hope this helps,

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