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Re: Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux Is Available

On 10/19/06, Brian Gaynor <briang pmccorp com> wrote:
On Thu, 2006-10-19 at 12:14 -0400, fredex wrote:
> Works nicely for me with Konqueror (on Centos 4.4). Works not so nicely with Firefox
> Which isn't to say it doesn't work, it's just,... odd. Playing a .swf file
> on my local hard drive by doing "open | file" in Firefox works fine. Browsing
> to a web sitre with flash files on it is weird: Firefox gets horirbly slow,
> has trouble rendering the page fully, may lag for many seconds (or even minutes)
> before starting the video. Switching to another desktop and back seems to
> expedite things, but hititng the BACK arrow or attempting to close the browser
> is also extrmeely slow. Once Flash starts playing, though, flash itself seems
> to work fine, i t's just the Firefox browser that seems to be very slow.
> anybody else seen this?

Working very well for me in Firefox Not seeing any of
the slowness/weirdness you describe and I can finally see video from
sites that require a version of Flash greater than 7 :)

actually I was about to test mine and couldn't remember which sites I
had problem that require flash player > 7. Can you share with me any
site that require FP 8+ so that I can test my plugin??


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