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Re: How to re-install a Fedora kernel

Jim Cornette wrote:

Next, run the below:
rpm -e kernel-2.6.18-1.2798.fc6

Thanks Jim.

What I didn't understand was typing the entire version info. I could get the list with rpm but only knew about rpm -e kernel.

If it still fails, you can remove it once again. Search for an open report or file a new report in bugzilla referencing what is on the screen when the kernel fails to boot.

This will not be necessary.

I have now determined that I had some power transients. I am in Hong Kong - a part called the New Territories. The heavily settled urban areas have underground supplies - here we have overhead lines. In bad weather we have a lot of transients especially during thunder storms. Yesterday the weather was fine and I did not see it happen but I later found another system hung. The power company confirmed the transient problem. So I think this system went up and down and in-between several times very quickly. Fedora's attempt at recovering got corrupted.


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