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Re: Disable internal PC speaker?

Frank Cox wrote:
On Fri, 20 Oct 2006 00:34:16 -0500
Stephen Croll <scroll airmail net> wrote:

Apparently a recent FC5 update has enabled my internal PC speaker.
The resultant beeping from shell tab completion and such is driving me
nuts.  Searching for a solution, I found a post on fedora-devel-list
suggesting to blacklist the module.

No need to be that drastic.

Just click on "main menu - system - preferences - sound" and un-check "enable
system beep".

This solution works, but appears to only apply to the currently
running gnome session.  It doesn't work for virtual terminals nor for
KDE sessions.

I'd like to have it disabled globally, rather than figuring out the
specifics of how to disable it on multiple different user/desktop/vt

Also, not that it really matters that much, but I imagine the pcspkr
kernel module consumes some amount of memory.  No reason to have it
eat memory, particularly since I never intend to use it.

Steve Croll

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