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Re: Installing Fedora 6 prerelease on a USB disk [SOLVED] -> now a GRUB problem !

Andrea Mastellone <andrea.mastellone <at> fastwebnet.it> writes:

> Doru Georgescu wrote:

> Here is it the first version of the procedure... I send this under GPL
> license, obviously. Since it is a 0.1 version, any
> suggestion/criticism/improvement is welcome.
> Andrea

I believe that your procedure is very clear for a person with a primer in Linux
and grub, but: 

Since you asked for suggestions, here they are ... 

First of all, I suggest to divide the procedure in paragraphs and give titles to
those paragraphs. For example, you may say: now I regenerate the device map in
grub, now I issue a grub-install etc. 

Second, you might better define the context. For example, you say: 

>When you get the prompt, create a dir where you will mount the root
>of the USB drive. So you issue
>mkdir /mnt/system
>mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/system

after starting with the rescue disk. However, before this one should: 

cd /mnt/sysimage

in order to work on the usb drive installation, I believe. Later on, however,
you say: 

>If the GRUB hangs again (or it does not work at all), reboot the system
>from the FC6 DVD (or from your FC system on internal drive, this is the

It is a bit unclear to me why did you succeed from the Rescue Disc after you
failed from the internal disk. Maybe the rescue disk uses the files of the
"discovered" installation. 
Also, are you sure you can regenerate device.map from the internal disk install,
not only from the rescue disc? You did try to grub-install from internal hdd,
but failed. 

Also, at times you work within a grub editor, but did you say how to enter in
it? Is it by typing "e" in grub before loading any system? 

So it might be better to emphasize the context. 

Finally, I suspect that: 

>mkinitrd --preload=ehci-hcd --preload=usb-storage --preload=scsi_mod
>/mnt/system/boot/initrd-2.6.18-1.2708.fc6.usb.img 2.6.18-1.2708

is one single command line, but if you say so explicitly, I will be more
confident ... :)

If you don't do all these still I will follow the procedure, but only after a
few weeks, when I will know a bit linux :))). 

Thank you, 

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