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Running hot since kernel update -

                   This computer has always been quiet except on rare

                   Since the most recent kernel update a fan keeps
                   cycling on every fifteen minutes or so.

                   Sensors gives me only one indication "temp1."  I
                   have not been able to determine if that is sensed on
                   the board or in the processor but suspect it's the

It looks like the fan comes on after the temp1 exceeds 47.0° C for a short time. It has survived
                   this for about a week with no indication of a
                   problem other than the annoyance of the fan noise
                   and it is probably the quietest of the computers in
                   this room but it has aroused my curiosity.

                   Has anyone else observed anything similar?

                   I've been using this computer for 3+ years and know
                   what is normal for it.

                   uname -a  shows:

                   Linux box1 2.6.18-1.2200.fc5 #1 Sat Oct 14 16:59:26
                   EDT 2006 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

                   It's an old Gateway E-4200 with a PIII 450 mHz
processor and as much RAM as it can handle, 384 megs.
                   Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.

                   Bob Goodwin

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