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FC5 On VPC 2007 Beta


I've just installed FC5 on VPC 2007 Beta running on Vista Ultimate x64 RC2. It mostly works, but I've noticed a couple of odd things:

* I can't seem to get a screen resolution larger than 1024x768x16. The virtual graphics card is an S3 Trio 32/64 PCI w/ 8M VRAM. This virtual card doesn't support a depth of 24, but *does* support a depth of 32. I was able to get higher resolutions w/ FC4, which is somewhat odd...

* The clock seems to run fast. If I run NTP, the jitter for all the NTP servers keeps getting higher and higher. Even without NTP running, the clock seems to be several minutes ahead of the Windows clock after doing a large software build/test cycle. I did "yum update kernel" to get the latest FC5 kernel to be sure this wasn't a kernel problem.

Has anyone else seen this things and know any workarounds?

(And one Stupid Question: (assuming that the above questions aren't stupid ;-) I looked at the online list archives and couldn't find a way to search them. Did I miss something obvious, or is there no way to search the archive?)

Eric Mader

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