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Re: ntpd and reference clocks

On 10/19/06, Wolfgang S. Rupprecht
<wolfgang+gnus200610 dailyplanet dontspam wsrcc com> wrote:

Do the default Fedora kernels have the necessary hooks to run ntpd
with a GPS/PPS reference clock?  Right now my reference clock is on a
BSD machine and I was wondering what I needed to do to move that
system over to FC6.

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht                http://www.wsrcc.com/wolfgang/

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Apologies Wolfgang S. Rupprecht, I did not read your e-mail closely.

Did find:

http://www.gatago.com/comp/protocols/time/ntp/2756001 html#L7ednSiNo73uerjZRVn-og comcast com



Good Hunting!


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