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Re: nfs mounting - pam considerations

I am finding that FC3 requires me to allow more open ports for NFS to work. I have to modify iptables. With FC2, I did not have to do this.

With iptables off, NFS mounting works on FC3.

I have tcp port 111 opened now and am hunting for the additional ports that I need.

On Oct 20, 2006, at 11:30 AM, Margaret Doll wrote:

I have a one system that is FC3. I am having trouble keeping its partitions mounted on a couple of other FC2 systems. The partitions from the FC3 system are mounted for several days on the FC2 systems. Then they appear as

FC3system:/mount1	-	-	-	-	/mountpoint

The FC2 systems report in messages : "RPC: error 5 connecting to server FC3" .

I can unmount the FC3 partitions on the FC2 systems, but I cannot remount them afterwards.

mount to NFS server  "FC3system"  failed:  server is down.

This occurs after I have used

service nfs restart
exportfs -a

on the FC3 server to make sure it is awake.

On the  FC3 server side,  I am getting the errors in /var/log/messages

conrd(pam-unix)[23946]:  session closed for  user root

twice every ten minutes.

Is  Fedora 3 a bad system?  Or is there a fix to the problem above.
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